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If you would like to submit a case presentation or training idea for consideration at the upcoming California Homicide Investigators Association Conference, Please submit an email to the following CHIA Director:

CHIA Director Kyra Delaney


Please include the following information:

  • Case or victim's name
  • Department or agency contact (if known)
  • Brief synopsis of the case including any lessons learned
  • Training topic or area of expertise

CHIA prides itself on being at the forefront of homicide investigative training and our members continue to improve their skills and knowledge in the latest techniques and technologies available to them.  



Immediate Assistance                                                            

If you require immediate assistance with your CHIA membership or account, please contact our Executive Director Amber Heinlein at (916) 524-8176, or via email at AmberHeinlein@chia187.com. If you need to leave a voice-message, your call(s) will be returned at the earliest convenience.

Terms and Conditions

Please click on link to view: CHIA Terms and Conditions.doc  

Privacy Policy 

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Contact Amber Heinlein @ 916.524.8176


email: amberheinlein@chia187.com

California Homicide Investigators Association

c/o San Jose Police Department

ATTN: Detective Brian McDonald

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